Artist & designer, Gx2, grew up amongst moorland and stone - A fitting inspiration for her work, which reflects these muted landscapes and combines them with fantasy driven dark atmospheres. Her pieces cross the boundaries between realism and child like day dreams – adding the mythological to the mundane. Limiting herself to a black & white colour palette with hints of subdued colour & flashes of neon brights , she utilizes pen, ink, marker pens and spray paint to achieve a tapestry of detail.

Having produced live work at events such as Upfest, Beacons & ‘Get Creative’ at Liberty of London, she finds comfort in working on large scale pieces as well as smaller, more intricate craftsmanship. She has also organized live art events and exhibitions with ‘The Beating Arts’ as well as charity aid event, ‘Ink for Aid’.   

Her illustrations have taken over products which can be purchased online, where Gx2homegrown is her outlet. Gx2homegrown is her way of making art accessible and an integral part of our lives and lifestyle. Whether it's your dinnerware or a simple sketchbook – each piece is lovingly designed and hand crafted by Gx2 ready to slot itself on your book shelf or hang on your wall!